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Still Relying on Print Ads?
In the current economic climate, advertising can play a crucial role in the success and survival of any business. While print publications are seeing diminishing returns on both readership and advertising, online communities like KitMaker Network are seeing large increases in user traffic, membership, and advertising. Just as you are looking to get the most for your advertising budget, your prospective customers are also turning to the Internet to find ways to save money. With over 250,000 unique visitors each month, the KitMaker Network easily exceeds any scale modeling magazine in readership.

Easy Setup, Stats, & Updates
Our banner and pay-per-click advertising options are easy to setup and you can pay for them online by major credit card, via Google® Checkout, PayPal®, or you can pay via company check. Once you place an ad, you can come back and modify it, change banner images or text, redirect the link, and even track user conversions on your site (a user that makes a purchase on your site).

Basic Overview
Based on Google® Analytics tracking information for January 2011. Available upon request.

  • Monthly Unique Visitors 10,565
  • Monthly Visits: 13,102
  • Monthly Pageviews: 30,561

If you have questions please contact us today. Our Google statistics are available upon request if you would like to see more information about our users and demographics. Please note we can also offer customized advertising campaigns based on your particular needs.

Current Ad Zones
Select a site from the ones above to see specific ad zones.

Box Ad (monthly) - $84.95 [ 7 of 10 taken ]
This large 300 x 250 ad is displayed on ALL SITES in the Kitmaker Network. It is shown promenently on all homepages, as well as news, feature, review, and other pages. Great for displaying graphic product images.

Leaderboard Ad (monthly) - $99.95 [ 8 of 10 taken ]
Our top 728 x 90 banner ad is shown in the header and footer of all pages of ALL SITES in the KitMaker Network. This leaderboard banner is perfect for multi-product promotions.
ModelGeek Side Ad (monthly) - $19.95 [ 0 of 5 taken ]
This side ad appears on all pages of ModelGeek, our sci-fi/specialty modeling site.

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